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I want to install an interior door in an existing wall in my home. I have a 2 story home with all bedrooms upstairs and also a big bonus room over the garage. Both of these locations have seperate stairways, thus it is a lot of walking and stair climbing to get from the bonus room back to my master bedroom. My solution to this problem is to add a door that connects the bonus room (closet) to the master bathroom. This would give us a quick short cut and also bathroom access without stairs from the bonus room. We have a large bonus room closet and I am going to take down the shelf that is on the wall where the door will be located. I have enough room to add new shelves inside the closet on another wall that will be out of the way. Inside our master bathroom small toilet room is where the door will open on the other side. I hammered a long skiny screwdriver through the (drywall) wall to make sure everything would line up and work out. Everything looks fine, the door will just have to open up into the bonus room closet because of the toilet location. I want to install a 24 inch wide door to keep it small but accessible. The wall is load bearing, I checked the attic and the framing (with plywood) from this wall goes all the way to the roof in the attic. I have a few questions ... Should I buy a new 24 pre-hung door, or can I just buy the hinges, casings, jambs etc. without buying the actual door slab? We would just take the door off the master bath/toilet doorway entry and leave it open ... would this be difficult or save any money? Next, do I just start taking off the floor trim from both walls and start cutting the rough opening out? I marked all the studs in the wall and I can use one of the them for one side of the door ... my guess is that this might make it a little easier. I know I am going to have to frame out the opening and install a strong header on top and do some drywall work when finished. There shouldn't be any wiring or pipes in the wall but I guess there is anyways a chance. I assume that I will also have to support the wall in some manner while installing the door. I just need some help trying to get this all planned out. Any info would be appreciated!
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It may somewhat depend on your codes people. Where I used to live..they didn't require a fire rating..they just spec'd the thickness of the door for these kind of applications. where I lived it least 1 3/8 thickness....solid wood or steel skin. That eliminated any paneled wood doors since the edges of the panel would be too thin. btw...I don't think any common wood or composite (masonite type) skinned door will have an actual fire rating. The closest I know of were the Safe-N-Sound doors from Masonite but they had a burn though of about 14 min..much less than required for the min 20 min rating. Of course the do make wood skinned fire resistant doors...we installed about 120 of them in a barracks I handled in the Navy..but they sure weren't cheap!

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