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Hello, I purchased 2 wood grain fiberglass entry doors from menards and the gel stain to finish them. I took the doors off the frames and finished them with the stain and they look great. I tried to use the same stain on the door frame which is wood following the instructions and when you wipe it off essentially it all comes off, none was absorbed by the wood. I tried to stain the frame with regular wood stain off a similiar color and it did the same thing. what am I doing wrong? thanks
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: VICTORIA WATKINS (Bellflower, CA), 01/25/2019 probably really won't save enough to pay for the windows in what most people would call a reasonable amount of time. Of course this depends on your bills, type/age of heating and cooling systems, age of home, number of windows, amount of insulation, etc, etc. The payback time will be less if you do all the work of course. Imagine paying say $5000 for install of the windows..if they reduce your bills by 10% how much will you save based on your past bills? If your bills are only $200 a month then you save $240 a year, which means you pay for the windows in about 21 yrs. Of course with the tax benefits they are having right now, that helps as well, but it requires very efficient (more $$$) windows. If your windows are in reasonable shape and the storms are as well...then you would probably benefit more by adding insulation if needed, new weatherstripping, caulking, sealing outlets and ceiling penetrations..etc. Many window replacements are dictated more by desire for lower maintenance or old windows that just can't be reasonably repaired anymore.

- MARLENE BUSH (Turlock, CA), 02/11/2019

it is wood colored not white so I don't think it has been primed. I did not sand though so that may well be the problem.

- PETER CAMPBELL (Hamilton, OH), 02/13/2019

Can you see the grain of the wood? Many times these are primed with a light beige that some people assume to be stainable..but its not.

- ALEXANDER HARVEY (Downey, CA), 02/25/2019

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